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  1. Word Publishers, also known as WordPub, reserves all rights to the contents of this website and all publications published on it.
  2. Unauthorized reproduction and/or distribution of any document or set of documents obtained from this website is prohibited.
  3. The documents are meant for personal use only (such as reading, printing for your child/student for free, etc) and NOT for commercial purposes. Any buyer who intends to use it for commercial purposes such as, but not limited to, printing for selling, reselling, software development, online publishing, etc, MUST seek the express permission of the publisher and agree on the terms of use. The publisher can be contacted through any of the channels on the ‘CONTACT US‘ page.
  4. The expression ‘All 9 subjects’ or ‘All subjects’ as used on the website refers to BECE English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Studies, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Religious and Moral Education (RME), Home Economics, Pre-Technical Skills and French only. It must be noted that currently, we do not have any Ghanaian Language or Visual Art.
  5. The expression ‘All years’ as used on the website refers to all papers of the school candidates examinations (currently,  usually written in June)
  6. Answers are provided for all subjects and for all years, mostly based on the mark scheme of the West African Examination Council and others by subject experts / consultants.
  7. Our documents come in two main formats – PDF and MS-Word, both of which are printable. The PDF cannot be edited or copied from, whereas the contents of the Word formats may be easily edited and copied from. The buyer is therefore advised to choose carefully between the options before completing purchase.
  8. All 9 subjects of BECE 2014 are offered FREE of charge as samples. It is therefore recommended that the buyer downloads the free PDF sample(s) or Word sample(s)  for perusal before proceeding to purchase the desired file(s).
  9. All the files for sale are password-protected, and hence, the buyer would need to buy the passwords to open the files.  It is advisable to carefully read and follow the given steps on the HOW TO BUY page. A confirmation of full payment is required before the passwords are sent to the buyer, usually within 10 minutes of full payment confirmation.
  10. The passwords shall be sent by SMS / WhatsApp / email through the buyer’s billing details provided on the Checkout page. It is recommended therefore that the buyer ensures that the phone number and email address provided in the billing details are accurate.
  11. Discounts of up to 15% may be offered on one-time purchases above GHC100 and / or at special seasons of the year.
  12. Prospective buyers may request a physical meeting at our premises to make purchase.
  13. In the most unlikely case where, after completing payment for a given file and/or password, we are unable to send the purchased file and/or password within 24 hours, the payment thus made shall be refunded in full to the client within an hour.
  14. Due to the electronic nature of our products, sales transactions, once completed, are not reversible, except in special cases of genuine error.

Terms and Conditions

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